Writer. Author. Artist. Hungry. Scamp.

More specifically, I’m an HR writer, career writer, author of  the book ‘HR Beyond the Theory‘, speaker, painter, food enthusiast and documentarian. You can find a directory of all my articles on the Publications page.

I live in the Peak District, UK, with my husband. He’s an avid doer too, and an awesome writer. Check out his work on his amazing website My Second Burst.

Just for the fun of it, check out the privacy statement.


Besides the day job as a senior HR professional, this is what I’m working on right now:

  • Writing semi-cool stuff for this and other publications
  • Chilling a bit after publishing my first real book
  • Starting on my new book that I hope to publish this year
  • Re-reading a great book called ‘Elephants on acid and other bizarre experiments’ by Alex Boese
  • Keeping in the loop on LinkedIn (link below)


Below is a handy directory of all the articles I’ve written:

The Avid Doer journal – this link takes you to all the articles I’ve written on career management, professional development and workplace soft skills.

HR Zone – this link takes you to all of the articles I’ve written for HR Zone on all things HR.

ICS Learn: ‘Real stories’ – an account of my experience of being a distance-learning student.

ICS Learn: HR Career Advice – I share my thoughts on joining, and progressing through the HR profession.

Become Coaching and Training – in this article I write about 5 steps to manage your team’s career development (for managers).

HR Beyond the Theorytechnically not an article; my first published book on workplace skill development for new and aspiring HR professionals.