Career management book update: 03

In my last book update, I talked about how the book has grown into something much bigger than expected. It was a really exciting point in the process to see the concept take on a new perspective, and looking back, it makes so much more sense to include the extra elements.

And since my last update, I have actually started to write the thing! I’ve skipped the introduction (I’m leaving that until the end), and have gone straight to the core chapters. I have two chapters drafted now, and I’m just finalising chapter three’s draft.

Having the chapters summarised beforehand has been hugely helpful. Whenever I worried a section might have gone off piste, I referred back to the summary of the chapter to consider if this met that scope or not. If so, it helped me to either reword what I had written to make it more obvious in terms of relevance, or to find a way out to bring it back to the main point.

I still haven’t decided a name for the book but I suspect it’s lurking in an ever-growing list of ideas of names I keep on my phone. My thinking is that it both needs to be self-explanatory (so to improve SEO as well as making it obvious to window shoppers what the book is about) and something that readers don’t mind other people seeing them read. I read an article a while ago that sometimes people refrain from reading certain titles on their commute for fear of what others think of them like ‘How to overcome debt’ or ‘Be more confident’.

I’ve explored the option of a tagline, an add-on to the title, which allows for a short and snappy title with an expanded sentence detailing what it’s about, for example ‘Baking solo – cake and other recipes for singletons’ (note: my book is not about baking for single people).

I’ve also recently come back from a week away in Morocco to celebrate my 30th, so now I’m all proper and adult-like (supposedly), I need to focus on drafting some more chapters up!

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