Career management book update: 04

Word count: 21,002

With a smidge over 21,000 words, and seven chapters completed, I’ve made a good dent into the book. I’ve seven more chapters to complete, making this an unexpected half-way mark (already?), granted it’s not going to be War and Peace – I’m aiming for 200-240 pages of a normal sized book.

When firing out these chapters, I also feel myself develop as a writer. I’ve been writing on HR and careers for a year and a half now, all in article and blog post format. Writing a book is somewhat different. While I’m not trying to be all academic and overly formal in my book, the structure isn’t the same as an article. I’m keeping it conversational to make it a (hopefully) more engaging read while being conscious that it’s a book.

In a blog post, you can get away with chit-chat, shorter sentences, and shorter paragraphs. With books, there’s not much room for this without it coming across as an extended article, and from day one, I insisted on veering away from that approach. What writing a book has allowed me to do, which I’ve recently discovered, is to explore ideas further and take a leisurely meander around a theme rather than cutting to the chase and delivering hard and fast content.

I think I’ve related this to how I read: I read articles for hard and fast content. I don’t need too much scene-setting, I don’t want to toy around with ideas, I just want thoughts, opinions and well-structured information. Reading books though, I enjoy that process, that steady build up to the nub of the idea and all the tangents that sprout from it, before considering them all individually and collectively.

I’m looking forward to the second half of finishing the first draft of the book. One of the remaining chapters will involve interviewing professionals in a certain context, so the sooner I set up the questions, the sooner I can sort out the logistics of it all and have it running in the background while working through the remaining chapters.

Enjoy the long bank holiday weekend when it comes!

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