Career management book update: 05

I’ve finished the first draft of my book! Yay! [Cracks open the vodka]

It’s a bizarre feeling; at first, I thought I had taken on too much. I had a word count goal and I had already mapped out what I wanted to write about, but while it was ALL unwritten, it seemed like a mammoth task!

And it was at first. But then it got easier and easier as I gathered momentum and got a feel for the book. It developed its own tone, pace and voice, so much so that I had to make some changes to the beginning of the book (the rusty stages) to keep it consistent with the rest of the book.

I received a fantastic response to the HR specialism campaign in record time, the penultimate hurdle to finishing the book. The final hurdle was putting together the introduction and synopsis, and I all of a sudden had a book! Launch date is still a bit up in the air as I need to juggle it with other things (work, holidays, driving lessons, and applying for chartered CIPD membership), but it will definitely be during the summer. I may even throw a launch party – whether it will be like Carrie Bradshaw’s party with small stiletto cakes, I’m not sure…

The first draft is off to the gang of beta readers who have kindly volunteered their time to go through it, before it goes off for final editing and proof reading.

Luckily, I now have a title for the book and its tagline that I’m really happy with. While the draft is with the beta readers, I’m getting stuck into the book cover design and formatting the manuscript for publication. Formatting is a job in itself – what I thought would be a quick tinkering with Word has turned into a technical challenge! Guttering, bleeds, page breaks, front matter, end matter, trims – all things I’ve had to get my head around, in addition to making sure that the pages are facing the right way.

It’s all fun though! I could get used to writing books…

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