Career management book update: 06

I’m a little bit giddy – I finally have a launch date for my book! I can officially announce that my book, ‘HR Beyond the Theory’, will be available on Amazon from 24 June! As a flavour, the tagline is “Practical workplace skill development for new and aspiring HR professionals” but I’ll share the synopsis with you in my next update.

I’m absolutely thrilled to bits that the bookmin is finalised – the beta readers have come back with their comments (and I’ve tweaked accordingly, thankfully very few tweaks), the proofreaders have proof-read, the book design has been finalised (after soooo many versions), and the physical proof copy is in the post as I type!

It was during these final steps I realised how intense selling a book can be. I’ve had to seek HMRC advice on income tax, get a unique number from the U.S.’s IRS by calling them, identify metadata and SEO tags, sort out an ISBN number, set up all sorts of bank stuff to receive payment – it’s been quite intimidating, I’m not going to lie, but it’s been worth it, and I’d encourage any budding author to work through the intimidation. It’s also no longer an ‘unknown’ and therefore will be much less scary the next time I do it (book number 2?).

Providing the proof copy shows no formatting or layout hiccups (I’m skeptical how the text on the spine will turn out…), all the hard work is over. I’m keen to work with a couple of people to promote the book (can’t give too much away) as I know that, left to my own devises, I’ll just passively mention it to a couple of people and ask them to buy it (“or not, that’s OK. I mean, whatever.”).

I’m not in this for the money as I don’t expect this to be Amazon number one bestseller. I did this for two reasons: for my own ego, and personal and professional accomplishment; and, more importantly, payback: to share my knowledge with new and aspiring HR professionals in the hope that they can succeed early in their careers as I have.

In my next update, I’ll share how the proof copy turned out (cross your fingers, peoples), how I’m going to celebrate, and a link to the book!

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