Career management book update: 07

I did it! I published my first real book! [Cough cough…here’s a landing page I made for it…cough]

It was a bit touch-and-go at the last hurdle – there were some issues with the (non-)delivery of the proof copy, which meant the launch date would have needed to be put back. Without seeing a physical copy before launch, I’d risk readers buying something that had a dodgy layout or rogue blank pages, and other things that would disrupt the reading experience. Because of this the last two weeks have been a bit strained. As someone who suffers from bouts of imposter syndrome, I was fretting over how I would come across if I had to postpone the launch date. Realistically I know nobody would care that much at all but it would have been something lurking over me and took away the pleasure of launching a book.

But it’s all sorted now and ready to buy on Amazon! Yay!

I’ve had so much fun putting the book together. As with any big venture, the beginning stages were quite intense – with a blank laptop screen and a disproportionate amount of new author-worthy stationery, I still had an entire book ahead of me to write! It was an intense uphill push to get the wheels going, but once momentum picked up, I quickly and instinctively produced chapter after chapter.

It’s taken a lot of my time too. Not in a negative way, as without that time investment, I wouldn’t have written a book. It’s just I had to reshuffle my time to accommodate the process – working full time, writing feature articles, preparing for my Chartered CIPD membership, and generally having a life meant I needed to almost create time in nooks of the day to allow me to write. Most of the book was written during my commute on the train. The rest was written in the early hours of the morning of a weekend before hubby woke up so that we could still enjoy a weekend together.

There were also a few things I needed to keep on the back burner, mainly blogging for The Avid Doer. When starting the book, I opened the blog up by inviting guest bloggers to write so that the blog doesn’t end up stale, and I’m so appreciative of those who contributed. I’ve only written the odd post in addition to these book updates, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into writing more articles for The Avid Doer now I have the time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these book updates along the way, and thank you for checking in on the progress. It’s quite serendipitous that I end these on lucky number seven!

How am I going to celebrate? Well, launch date was fish and chips with Prosecco and profiteroles – as per my plan from the beginning! But I’m throwing a big pizza party at home for all my friends (and hubby, of course) who supported me throughout the process. Can’t wait!


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