The Avid Doer – the book

These are strange and scary times we’re living in and it’s hard not to get caught up in the barrage of news, sadness and worry that we come across in social media, the news and literally every conversation we have. It is in these times that I try to focus on positives – this isn’t to ignore the devastation this is having on the planet but while the only thing I can do to prevent it getting any worse is to stay indoors, there isn’t more I can personally do to play my bit (besides helping friends with shopping and keeping my cool in helping managers manage this in my day job).

So I’ve chosen to focus on keeping positive; one of the positives from this is enforced laziness. My husband and I were due to fly out to Cape Verde last week for my birthday but of course that didn’t happen. Instead, we completely switched off and chilled at home. We were gloriously and unapologetically lazy, and I enjoyed every second of it as there was zero guilt. How can I feel guilty it the government has insisted I stay at home and binge-watch our favourite scandinoir series, right?

This time off also gave me some valuable thinking time which helped me reflect on my career, writing and goals, and take stock to determine the next steps – steps that are consciously decided and not as a passive reaction to whatever comes my way. Part of this thinking made me look at the Avid Doer, its contents and my goal to write a second book this year.

These three things merged into a metaphorical Venn diagram, the centre being a book on the Avid Doer content.

Now, some of you might be thinking that I’m simply copy-and-pasting my articles into a book and charging people for something they can read for free. It sort of is that, but not really. Rather than copying the articles, I’m repurposing them. This means that each article is going to be the base of my book’s content but with a limitless word count that allows these to be expanded on. Blog posts and chapters of a book are two completely different things and as such needs hefty elaboration to make the content useful and suitable for the book-reader.

I also want to change how the content is read and absorbed. Blog posts are read in piecemeal, drip-fed as and when I put something together. Putting this together as a book means that the advice can be absorbed as a whole, an entire piece. I try to add a hint of motivation and encouragement in my writing and this will be much better placed in a book. This allows momentum to be built up and put to better use for the reader, rather than starting a spark when reading a thousand-word post and letting it fizzle before the next post is published.

This all means that the Avid Doer’s articles will be taken down at some point. To show my appreciation to the subscribers to this blog – those who took that much of an interest in my posts that you wanted to be the first to know when a new one was posted! – I’m going to make the book available as a PDF for you to download for free when it’s published. I’m aiming towards the end of summer but I’ll keep you posted.

But now I need to write the thing. I’ve got to the point of structuring it in a logical sequence of topics and the book cover (I’m all about the aesthetics!), so the next step is expanding on those topics seeing where it takes me. All exciting stuff and I’m finding myself refer to my scribbled notes I took when writing my previous book last year.

Stay safe and take care.

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